Thank you for submitting to B O D Y:

  • Please include a short cover letter and your bio on the first page of your submission.
  • Put your name and email address at the top of each page.
  • Include your last name in the title of your submission.
  • If you need to withdraw a part of your submission due to acceptance elsewhere, please add a Note to let us know

We accept simultaneous submissions – but please add a note to let us know as soon as it is accepted elsewhere. Please do not submit previously published work. 

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, please do not submit your work more than three times per year.

Submissions which do not follow the category guidelines below will not be read. 


  • Please submit your work on ONE document.
  • Submit up to 5 poems.
  • Each poem should start a new page.


  • Submit up to 10 numbered pages of text in a standard 12 pt. font (e.g. Times/Times New Roman/Arial)
  • Use an extra space to indicate paragraph breaks
If your prose piece runs over 10 pages, please provide a reason in your cover letter. Writers who submit work longer than 10 pages without explanation risk having their work returned unread.

Translations are welcome. Please follow the respective category guidelines for poetry and fiction, in addition to the following: 

The cover letter must clearly indicate the name of the author, original language, first date of publication in the original language (if applicable) and any other relevant information (original press, country, date, etc.) as well as the biographical details of the translated author.


  • Submit up to 40 numbered pages of text in a standard 12 pt. font.  
  • If submitting an excerpt, please provide a summary context for the entire piece, no longer than 1 page.
  • Please include information about previous/future performances of the work, including dates, venues, and collaborators. 
B O D Y is always on the look out for artists whose work merits attention. Each publication of artwork is accompanied by an interview with the artist. While we no longer accept submissions of artwork directly, we invite proposal for interviews with artists.

To submit a proposal for an interview, please send us 3-5 examples of the artist's work (either via weblinks or by uploading example images) and a proposal letter describing:
  • the artist's work and its context
  • why you think the artist and/or his/her work merits attention
  • the approach you'd take to the interview (include examples of the kinds of questions you'd ask)
  • additionally, please include links to any other interviews you've done, or to other samples of your writing
  • please include information about previous/future exhibitions of the artist's work, including dates, venues, and collaborators
  • please notify us if the work is already available on any other website (such as the personal artist's webpage) with links